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David Boyd

David is the lead Minister of Nelson United Church, a congregation in which ministry and leadership is shared by the whole congregation.  David came to Nelson in 1995 when Nelson United Church was formed by the amalgamation of St. Paul’s Trinity and Fairview United Churches.  Ordained in 1989, David began ministry at Matheson, Ontario, and spent 6 formative years as part of Cochrane Presbytery, Manitou Conference.

David grew up in the United Church as the son of a United Church Minister; he was born and baptized in the Hazelton, Kitsegukla and Kispiox pastoral charge, grew up in the Knox United pastoral charge in Kenora, Ontario and finished high school in the Brechin United pastoral charge in Nanaimo.  In terms of Order of Ministry within the United Church, David’s dad was ordained in the late ’50s, his grandfather in 1963 and his mother in 1993; so he has a well-grounded pedigree in the United Church.

David’s interests involve hiking, X-country skiing, and biking in this beautiful part of BC, music, poetry, writing, and hanging out.  David has taken two sabbaticals, one with the Iona Community in Scotland and another a pilgrimage to Palestine and Israel, Istanbul and Mount Everest.  He has a grown-up family and is married to Janet.

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