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Where To Buy Wheeler Jewelry

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Where To Buy Wheeler Jewelry

Wheeler Mfg. Co., Inc. has been designing, producing and selling wholesale jewelry since 1946. Featuring a diverse collection of high-quality lines, service from the best rep group in North America, abundant display options and generous dated terms.

The hubs and I were chatting with a friend recently when the topic of jewelry shopping came up. "Oh! You should check out Lang's," he suggested, raising an eyebrow to me to (1) underscore that he was familiar with Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, and (2) question if I also knew about the Union Square mainstay. He learned about Lang from a friend who was a gem broker. I learned about Lang while interviewing Dita Von Teese. We both felt smug about our sources. But Lang certainly isn't the only gem of a jeweler in town.

San Francisco has plenty of jewelry designers, fine jewelers, and antiques specialists, if you know where to look. Want to buy bae (or yourself) something from a local brand Try shopping at these spots. Below, I've mapped the stores where you can browse in real life, but keep in mind that several of these brands are mainly available online.

If you pour over the pages of all the major monthly fashion magazines, you've seen Emily P Wheeler's work. Wheeler's jewelry has been featured in Vogue, W, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, and on the cover of Elle. While she's best-known for dazzling cigar-band rings, Emily's collection includes pave and baguette diamond earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. The pieces are cool, modern, conflict-free, and handmade in Los Angeles.

Once the city's tiniest jewelry shop, Fiat Lux moved into bigger digs in December with lots more room to showcase its gorgeous wares. Check it out for sun rings from Avrocomy, delicate-but-tough pieces from Daisy San Luis, engraved lighters from Nick Potash, and shop's in-house designs. The store also carries a number of fine jewelry rings that would work as wedding or engagement rings for a non-traditional bride. Or you could really shake things up and skip a wedding ring entirely in favor of this amazing serpent-knife bracelet. It's not TSA-approved, but hot damn it's a badass look.

When Svelte Metals designer Megan Kanodia couldn't find bracelets in the US to fit her tiny wrists, she decided to make her own. In 2013, Kanodia launched her San Francisco-based line in response to the one-size-fits-all approach to fashion jewelry. Each piece is made in America, and Svelte designs work on even the daintiest of hands. (Her cuff bracelets are adjustable and her rings start at a size 4.) For the full collection, you'll need to shop online, but you can find a selection of Svelte cuffs at Amour Vert (437 Hayes Street).

It's our mission to create a positive impact in the communities where we live, and for the planet as a whole, through thrifting, upcycling and donating goods. By shopping at GoodwillFinds, together, we:

Other famed jewelry houses, Verdura and Oscar Heyman & Brother have also utilized the X motif to add both movement and aesthetic beauty to their alluring jewels. Verdura plays with texture and shape as the intersection of two stylized feathers, adorned with diamonds, forms the clasp in a splendid cultured pearl torsade bracelet.

This is a door and wall-mounted jewelry cabinet with a mirror and LED lights. This multifunctional jewelry box can be used as a storage cabinet and mirror, perfect for keeping your jewelry organized and preventing them from getting tangled, it brings convenience to your life. Small in size and large in capacity, this jewelry cabinet provides you with reasonable and sufficient storage space to keep all your belongings organized.

This freestanding jewelry armoire adds opulence to your bedroom while organizing your jewelry and other trinkets. It's made from solid and engineered wood and rests on four tapered legs for a nod to mid-century designs. This armoire features a hand-rubbed gold or silver finish, mirrored inlays, and steel knobs for


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