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Superhero Movie Download ((EXCLUSIVE)) 720p Torrents

Okay, I know when it comes to these types of movies, You don't really expect much, You know they have a very bad reputation because the awful Date Movie and Epic Movie and the awfuller Disaster Movie, So I went watching this movie with an open mind and very low expectations.. and let me tell ya, This movie really surprised me...This has to be one of the funniest parody movies I've ever seen in a long time and believe me I have seen ALOT of them for some reason, It's takes perfect advantage of the medium It's parodying and it takes seriously funny jabs at the tropes and cliches the superhero genre always had..The movie follow our average awkward every day teenager having troubles confessing his love to his crush until a mutated dragonfly bites him and gives him superpowers (except flying), This (If you didn't notice already) makes fun of the Spider-Man movies (Specifically the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie) and again it takes perfect advantage of that.This movie is simply hilarious, The humor is ridiculous, fast-paced and dumb but not dumb to the point where you lose interest in the story and characters, Oh yeah and It's crude, I think you've guessed that already if you've watched any of the 'Scary Movie' movies, Seriously not ten minutes into the movie and we see the main character getting humped by a bunch of animals.. Yeah this movie is not for everyone, and of course this movie has alot of these stupid unfunny poop, puke, fart jokes but because of the fast-paced nature of the film you won't get bored, Oh you didn't like this joke, Here's another one, Oh you didn't like that joke, Oh take this one then.I had such a good time with this one, Great jokes with a lighthearted tone and an amazing cast, Seriously, I didn't expect Leslie Nielsen to be in this movie this much, Like I thought he would be in it for like ten minutes but no, He's actually one of the main characters, That was a pleasant surprise, May he rest in peace..And the villain is unironically great, Like seriously, Christopher McDonald didn't have to go this hard acting that character, He was seriously great, Like I could see him and his plan in a real superhero movie!I highly recommend this one, Don't wanna repeat myself too much but yeah, This movie is just dumb fun and that's all I want from a superhero spoof movie, Mostly great jokes with a great cast and not-very-bad special effects, Get some friends, Get some popcorn and enjoy this ridiculous hilarious underrated movie.

Superhero Movie Download 720p Torrents

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