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Teach Me By Nina West

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Teach Me By Nina West

"This is kind of the door that I really hoped would open, and this is just the beginning of a new career," she explained. "I'd like to pursue acting more and maybe even try and do some theater work on Broadway. A lot of my sisters who are from the show have done that already. I would love to do that. I want to publish a children's book and work with the Walt Disney Company. There hasn't been someone like me on the show yet, so for someone who really wants to connect to families and children and the bigger picture, I think it's important that I keep moving with the message that we are all in this together, we all have to watch out for each other and we all have to teach those lessons to one another. Literally, hold each others hands and, again, provide space at the table for everybody because we live in a time period where people are just so conflicting and it's super divisive."

"He teaches by example," Levitt said. "He has allowed for me and many, many other people who've been on the show how to stand in his example and figure out how to best navigate our own careers. I wouldn't have this opportunity or talk to you today if it wasn't for RuPaul. He's really a generous, kind, caring person who has given a lot to his contestants and I'm grateful for it."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was known for fighting for equal rights for all people. He was a humanitarian, preacher and an activist. He was a great public speaker and used that talent to teach many people about civil injustices and how to stop them.

This afternoon, I'll leave for Morocco to tour one of those new summer programs -- Camp Friendship, it's called -- and they're generating very positive feedback. We've had invaluable partners from the sports community in this effort -- from high school swim coaches to NBA and WNBA players to soccer coaches and baseball players. We've witnessed how sports can bring people together across divisions of race, religion or region and teach the common values of hard work, teamwork, respect and leadership -- lessons that help young people succeed in life.

Since the leaving the game, Cal Ripken, Jr., has dedicated his life and his work to youth, not only here in America, but also around the world. He established the Cal Ripken, Sr., Foundation, which teaches life lessons through baseball to disadvantaged youth, and he has built the Ripken Youth Baseball Academy, the largest baseball academy in the United States, where thousands of young people learn the finer points of the game and deepen their love for playing it.

I recall a few teachers and professors, i.e, Dr. Kleinshcmidt, Dr. Elizabeth Sasser, Edna Houghton, Richard Tracy and many others who helped immeasurably with my art and academic education. Joining the Socii Social Fraternity and the Saddle Tramps improved my social skills and created many occasions for promoting school spirit and just having fun. Carrying a full class load wasn't possible because it was necessary to have a part time job during the school year plus working for the Santa Fe Railroad in the summer.

I wasn't suppose to go to TTU. But at the last minute came for summer school with a friend already enrolled. I stayed, I pledged Pi Beta Phi. And I met my husband Ray Irvin also a freshman who was on the basketball and baseball team at the time, later just playing on the basketball team. I missed few basketball games as we started dating before his first season. To go through the old Southwest Conference games and tournament, to the excitement of the 84-85 year when they won it all conf and tourney!

I returned to Texas Tech after a stint in the Army and teaching assignments at Lubbock High School and Coronado High School as Director of Student Publications in 1967. I was in charge of the University Daily and The Toreador and taught journalism.

In 1978 I moved to the then Ex-Students Association as alumni director. I retired as President and CEO in 2018 after 40 years. Most of those 40 years I al


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