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Various surgical methods have been described for the management of congenital spinal deformities. Among these methods, posterior in situ arthrodesis, anterior and posterior hemiepiphysiodesis, and hemiarthrodesis provide a limited correction. The assessment and estimation of the results are difficult [3]. Although there are reports, which state that hemiepiphysiodesis can be applied successfully, especially in association with instrumented fusion techniques, it is impossible to correct the curves in patients who have developed rigid and structural curves [8, 11]. In a multicentric study, Yaszay et al. compared hemiepiphysiodesis or in situ fusion, instrumented fusion without hemivertebra excision, and instrumented hemivertebra excision. They found that although a higher rate of complications was seen with hemivertebra resection compared to the other two methods, better correction rates were achieved [12]. It is stated that the deformity can be progressively corrected using the recently developed growing rods techniques and may be used in selected patients; however, in a study on this topic, Elsebai et al. reported that complications developed in eight out of the 19 patients [13, 14].

K2m Mesa Surgical Technique Pdf Download


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