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Impact Wrestling !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Since its inception in 2002, IMPACT Wrestling has established itself as one of the largest professional wrestling organizations in the world and the premier destination for wrestling fans across the globe. Its extensive programming library boasts more than 5,000 hours of content, featuring legendary performers such as Ric Flair, Sting, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, AJ Styles, and many more throughout its storied legacy.

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is an American professional wrestling promotion. It was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002 by Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett. Impact wrestling operates with the help of its parent company, Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC which is a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. It is headquartered at 3201 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

After the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) came to an end in 2001, the concept of TNA Wrestling was born. After the end of WCW, the World Wrestling Federation or the WWF became the only wrestling production being nationally televised in the United States. Vince Russo who joined Jeff and Jerry Jarrett in 2002, coined the name "Total Nonstop Action".

Impact wrestling is broadcasted every Tuesday on AXS TV and on it's official twitch channel. It is aired every Tuesday on AXS TV. You can also catch up on the action on Impact Plus website. After paying a premium fees for the Impact Plus, subscribers can enjoy thousands of hours worth of content.

Fast forward a decade and Wilde found her way back home to the Impact ring. Now the Canadian is enjoying a renewed passion for wrestling, looking to leave the upcoming pay-per-view event Hard to Kill in a blaze of glory with a win over Deonna Purrazzo, Killer Kelly, and Masha Slamovich. Here Wilde reflects on her journey, fighting fires and opponents.

The promotion was initially known as NWA: Total Nonstop Action (NWA:TNA) and was associated with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). It withdrew from the NWA in 2004 and became known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), but it continued to use the NWA World Heavyweight and the NWA World Tag Team championships as part of an agreement. After the agreement ended in 2007, the company created its own TNA World Heavyweight and TNA World Tag Team championships. It is the only major American promotion to predominantly make use of a six-sided wrestling ring up until January 2018.

The concept of TNA originated shortly after World Championship Wrestling (WCW) ended in 2001. Bob Ryder, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett went on a fishing trip and contemplated their futures in the professional wrestling business. Only one wrestling product remained on United States national television: the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE). Ryder felt that this situation led many television stations to regard professional wrestling as bad for business, so he suggested a company not reliant on television, but rather one going straight to pay-per-view.

In May 2004, TNA introduced a television program, Impact! (stylized as iMPACT!), produced at Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios Florida and broadcast on Fox Sports. The transition included the use of a six-sided wrestling ring, the implementation of the "Fox Box" displaying competitors and timekeeping for the match and a generally more sports-like style than the sports entertainment style exemplified by WWE.

In 2010, TNA hired professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and former WCW President Eric Bischoff. Both obtained a position behind the screen (Bischoff was part of creative and Hogan a consultant) and made some changes. They also hired many high-profile former WWE wrestlers, including Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy, while returning to a four sided ring. On February 15, TNA made a new deal with Spike TV, which moved Impact! to Monday nights, directly opposite of Raw (although the network kept the Thursday night slot open for repeats of the Monday night shows). The first episode took place on March 8.

From the period of 2013 to 2014, many well-known names or veterans of the company left TNA. Hulk Hogan's contract with TNA expired in October 2013 and he returned to WWE in early 2014. In December 2013, A.J. Styles left TNA after his contract expired. Styles later said that he could not accept TNA's new contract offer which would see him take a 60% cut in pay. Also in December 2013, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett "resigned" from the company. TNA accepted his resignation but clarified that Jarrett was still an "investor" in TNA. In spite of his investor status, the following year Jarrett revealed plans to start a new professional wrestling promotion, Global Force Wrestling. The departures did not stop in 2014, with TNA veterans Sting, Chris Sabin, Hernandez, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian all leaving the company in that year, and the contracts of TNA Hall of Famers Bully Ray and Devon reportedly expired in October 2014, with TNA moving them to the alumni section of their roster in January 2015.

All Wheels Wrestling taping on 6/29 at Impact Wrestling Zone will be a pilot taping, and a potential series in 2012, for the Speed Network. TNA is involved with the taping since they purchased the trademark and the domain name for the property. No word yet on what talents will be involved or how the concept of the series will merge racing and wrestling.

Different from other United States professional wrestling promotions, Impact Wrestling utilized a hexagonal ring as opposed to the traditional square ring. In 2018, it returned to using a four-sided ring.

Since its origin, Impact Wrestling has featured a high-flying, high risk style of wrestling called its X Division. Rather than emphasizing the fact that most wrestlers who perform this style are under 220 lb (100 kg) by calling it a cruiserweight division, Impact Wrestling decided to emphasize the high risk nature of the moves that these wrestlers perform. There is no upper weight limit on the X Division or its title, though in practice, most of the wrestlers in this division have been cruiserweights, with Samoa Joe, billed at 280 pounds, and Kurt Angle, billed at 230 pounds, being notable exceptions. To further emphasize this point, the slogan "It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits" is used to describe the division.

Throughout its history, Impact Wrestling has worked with several international wrestling promotions, with championships from those promotions sometimes having been defended at Impact Wrestling events. Among the organizations Impact Wrestling has worked with are Mexico's Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), Japan's Inoki Genome Federation (IGF), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Wrestle-1 (W-1) and America's Evolve. TNA's first relationship with NJPW lasted from 2008 to 2011, and included TNA sending wrestlers to participate in NJPW's annual Wrestle Kingdom event, as well as NJPW sending future IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada on a training excursion to TNA; however, the relationship soured in 2011, when IWGP Tag Team Champions Team 3D were held off of a New Japan tour in favor of appearing on Impact Wrestling and Okada was given a Green Hornet-inspired gimmick while being cast as Samoa Joe's sidekick.

The NWA Championship Committee, established in 2004, comprised a group of wrestling veterans who acted as arbitrators, determining a winner in the event of a time-limit draw. The committee consisted of Harley Race, Larry Zbyszko and Terry Funk, with Funk later replaced by Roddy Piper without ever having appeared on TNA television. After Race and Piper left TNA, the Committee essentially ceased to exist as a physical on-screen body, although Zbyszko continued to be referred to as a member of the committee while simultaneously acting as on-screen authority figure, booking matches and giving title shots.

Impact Wrestling wrestlers are forbidden by contract from working for WWE, but are free to work for any other independent wrestling promotion, domestic or international. Many Impact Wrestling wrestlers perform regularly for various promotions on the independent circuit in addition to Impact Wrestling's weekly shows. The majority of Impact Wrestling wrestlers are paid on a per appearance basis.

Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA, was once the #2 professional wrestling company in the United States. Since then, its spot has been stolen by All Elite Wrestling and even arguably Ring of Honor. It's back on television now, but at one point its fall from grace saw it without any major TV deal, leading Impact Wrestling to start streaming its shows live on Twitch. Impact has continued its Twitch livestreams, but now it's been banned from the service for an undetermined amount of time.

IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling will co-produce a major live pro wrestling show on Thursday night, March 30, at the Globe Theater in Los Angeles with megastars from both promotions in-action and numerous first-ever dream matches confirmed. 041b061a72


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