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How Chiki Lets You Play Top PC Games on Your Smartphone

"Baila el Chiki-chiki" (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbajla el ˈtʃiki ˈtʃiki]; "Dance the Chiki-chiki") is a novelty song by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, held in Belgrade, Serbia.[2] The song was pre-qualified for the final round where it scored 55 points in total, placing 16th.

Also as discovered by the user, as of late if the user fries the beam at an attack or such. It was shown to have the same affect as it doesn't of that of humans or other living things. This was first shown during a small fight between the user and a Pacifista, it had fired it own laser at the user. But as that happened the user had fired their chiki chiki beam at the blade, thus turn the attack chicken and it ran away hitting another thing.



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