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Virtual Families: How to Adopt, Nurture, and Grow Your Family Tree

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virtual families

The virtual families represent people of different ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, races, cultures, belief systems, literacy levels, socioeconomic statuses and geographical locations. The patients also have varying life experiences and situations. These include: different family dynamics; issues related to veteran affairs; financial turbulence within families; health equity/disparity; access to community resources; and complexities of care in specific patient populations.

This free service helps frontline workers cope with the stress of working with families affected by COVID 19. Individuals may call our tollfree number 833-492-0094 or groups may schedule a support session using the Training Request Form. Red Cross volunteers who are professional healthcare providers, mental health providers and spiritual care providers will work with the individual directly or can schedule a group support session. All services are free and confidential. You are not alone!

Because I Said I Would is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. We are launching a new Unemployment Transition Program for COVID-19 Job Loss which aims to improve mental health outcomes by providing individuals with skills training that builds resiliency and leads to life-sustaining employment. As part of the program, we are also seeking families who have lost someone to COVID-19 to be recipients for our service projects.

Coronavirus Online Therapy, an initiative of Therapy Aid Coalition, mission is to deliver free or low-cost online therapy by licensed professionals in all 50 states to essential workers and their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

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As a nonprofit that provides peer-based programs, resources, and community for those who are widowed, our COVID-related services include twice weekly Zoom calls to help widowed people connect with one another during this time of social distancing and isolation, as well as a document center where they can find common reactions to sudden loss and grief, blog posts written by our newly widowed authors, and programs to help them feel understood and validated in their grief. We will also be offering a virtual Camp Widow event in November to help our widowed community as they face the challenges of the holidays during a socially distanced time. Being widowed is an isolating experience to begin with (let alone during a pandemic), and our virtual programs continue to grow to support those who are grieving the loss of their love person either by COVID, or during the time of COVID.

Compassionate counseling professionals provide urgent care telesupport to help individuals and families connect with assistance and resources. The best way to find contact information for a local Family Services office is to go to this website: -family-services/find-an-office?lang=eng

The Funeral Service Foundation provides free copies of "Grieving Alone & Together: Responding to the loss of your loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic," a 12-page booklet for families. Individual copies can be ordered through; multiple copies for use by organizations can be ordered at The Funeral Service Foundation offers resources and grants to organizations that support funeral service professionals in building meaningful relationships with families and communities, especially around the areas of grief and loss. The Foundation also awards scholarships to funeral service students and professionals at all stages of their careers. We do not provide funding for individual funerals, burials, cremations or memorial services.

Ritual and ceremony can help you honor a loved one's death, connect with others to support the dying and their community, and engage meaningfully with the grief of these times - even with the restrictions of physical distancing. Working from my home, I can partner with you to: design and lead "virtual" funerals and memorials using online connection platforms; write meaningful, memorable eulogies and obituaries; educate your family on safely caring for your loved one after death at home, including slowing down to mark the moment, body care, and current green burial and cremation options; involve your family and community in creating rituals to serve your needs at this time, with or without the support of technology; and plan rituals of remembrance or memorial ceremonies for a future time.

Remembering A Life educates individuals and families about funerals, grief and honoring a loved one in meaningful ways. Resources include Information about holding a funeral during the COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide directory of National Funeral Directors Association member funeral homes. Also, request a free copy of "Grieving Alone and Together: Responding to the Loss of Your Loved One during the COVID-19 Pandemic."

We offer interment services to all eligible Veterans and their families. We also provide information families will need to know in order to have their loved one placed in the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery.

Pandemic of Love is a grassroots, mutual aid organization with chapters all over the country. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to individuals and families impacted by COVID-19. That assistance comes through a direct match with a donor who directly transfers funds to the recipient or pays a bill(s) for them to help alleviate suffering and a burden in some way. Our donors most often assist with things like rent, utility payments, cell phone bills, health insurance premiums, medical bills, funeral costs and groceries/essentials.

More importantly, you should feed your virtual family all four food groups. Try to achieve that within 24 hours. As you get more money, you can start buying one or two kinds of the cheaper organics and work your way up to an all organics diet.

There are two reasons why a virtual person would get weak: because the fridge is empty or because they are sick. But once they have food again or they are cured of their illness, their health bar should gradually replenish on its own.

Second Life is a free to play online life simulation game designed to appeal to fans of the virtual world genre that want to go a step deeper with enhanced customisation and a real world inspired economy. Developed by Linden Labs Second Life has been online since 2003 for Windows and Mac with regular core releases occurring on 6 monthly cycle. With the added possibility of turning your game time into real world dollars Second Life has been able to maintain a thriving community of nearly a millio...[Read Review]

Life Quest 2 has you moving into Metropoville as you take a 12 step journey to the ultimate balanced and rewarding life that would be difficult to achieve in the real world. The virtual world of Life Quest 2 however is the perfect option to explore areas of living you might not have the opportunity to experience otherwise. Ultimately, Life Quest 2 is a unique mixture between strategy and life simulation that has you ultimately shooting to move up the social ladder as you attack life quest challe...[Read Review]

Virtual Families: Cook Off is a cool cooking game to prepare countless hamburgers and ice cream cones to earn money and build your dream house. In this game, you will become the head chef of your own virtual kitchen and cook up delicious dishes to satisfy the taste buds of your customers. The game features a variety of cooking challenges, recipes, and ingredients to keep you engaged and entertained.

You begin by adopting your first virtual person. This is a very important choice to make early on, as the attributes that you settle on will affect how the rest of the game plays out. You can go through any number of different people to adopt. Each has their own physical appearance, profession, salary, likes and dislikes, and opinion on whether or not they want children. This last attribute is of particular importance. Couples who do not both want children can still have children, but you will have to work extra hard to keep them happy. Depending on how you want your virtual family to run, choose wisely.

Analysis: At first glance, Virtual Families seems like little more than a stripped-down version of The Sims. The limited effect that you have on the environment of the home and the house itself is quite evident. You don't have the option of creating a different living space for your families; you can't even move the furniture to a different part of the room. With the exception of upgrades, there is little you can do the physical house. This allows you the time to focus on the interactions with your little people.

The level of interaction with the virtual people in the game is totally up to you. Unlike The Sims, you do not have to watch your person's every move. Your virtual people will do things like get up in the morning, go to work, and eat without extensive prodding from you, as long as they have the supplies and materials required to complete a task.

I have to say, this is not as much fun as any of the virtual villagers. Yes, it's much more intimate, as you have fewer people to keep track of. However, it is rather slow moving, and I'm getting seriously ticked off with agents showing up at my front door to take my kids off to careers in Europe and Japan! :)


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