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Buy Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Online Uk

A box of contact lenses will not contain a set of lenses for each eye, unless you have the same prescription for both eyes. Therefore, the number of boxes you purchase depends on your prescription and how many lenses you need. For example, if you have different prescriptions in each eye, you will need to purchase two boxes of contact lenses.

buy gas permeable contact lenses online uk

A contact lenses prescription is completely different to that of glasses. Contact lenses and glasses are positioned differently on the face. In addition, a prescription for contact lenses will include certain specifications not included in a glasses prescription. Therefore, you cannot buy contact lenses with your glasses prescription.

It's important that you get separate eye tests for contact lenses and glasses. You may be required to wear glasses; however, this does not mean that you can automatically wear contact lenses, as extra measurements need to be taken and checked for.

Buying online is simple and straightforward. Whilst we do not require you to show verification of your prescription, you should be able to understand your prescription in order to buy your contact lenses. We recommend you:

Fashion contact lenses with no prescription are also known as planos. You can buy fashion contacts for cosmetic use here at Feel Good Contacts. Our coloured contact plano lenses are for fashion and allow you to alter your look. You can choose to add an exciting new colour to your eyes or subtly enhance the colour your already have.

We stock both prescription coloured contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses (planos) from top brands, at prices much cheaper than the high street. From Air Optix Color to FreshLook Colourblends and our very own brand of comfi Colors, our diverse range features the following colours:

Whilst it is a good idea to have your prescription at hand when ordering contact lenses online, we don't require you to have a copy of your prescription in order to purchase contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts.

Whist daily contact lenses are more expensive than packs of monthly or two weekly lenses, they are considered to be better for your eye health and more convenient for your eye care routine. Yearly contact lenses work out to be the cheapest provided they are looked after properly to maintain their quality.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing that whatever contact lenses you buy, at Feel Good Contacts, we offer lenses cheaper than any high street opticians and online retailers. Our price match guarantee promises that on the small chance you find the same product for cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price and refund you the difference.

A reputable online retailer will not stock contact lenses that will threaten your health. Your health is only likely to suffer if you fail to care for your lenses properly as this can lead to eye infections.

You should never store your contact lenses in water as not only does it contain harmful bacteria that can lead to eye infections, it can also cause the lens to change shape. Instead, it is advised that you always use fresh contact lens solution (such as a multipurpose solution) to wash and store your lenses in. is a proud provider of quality gas permeable lenses. By ordering directly from, you can take advantage of the same special discount pricing on contact lenses we've been offering our customers since 1995.

In 1971, Bausch + Lomb introduced the technology of soft contact lenses to the world. Their soft contacts were known as the Bausch + Lomb SofLens. This led to the creation of the first RGP lens, which became available in 1979. It used a combination of PMMA and silicone, a synthetic polymer that allows oxygen to pass directly through the lens to keep the outer layer of the eye (cornea) healthy. Manufacturers of RGP lenses also made the edges of RGP contacts fit snugly against the surface of the eye, making them more comfortable to wear than the older variety.

RGP contacts are some of the most popular lenses prescribed today. Their popularity can be attributed to their exceptional features, such as durability, high breathability, and low cost. Today, contact lens wearers have a variety of RGP contacts to choose from.

Bausch + Lomb, for instance, carries a sizable selection of RGP contacts, thanks to their commitment to the field of RGP lens research. That selection includes contacts from the Boston brand, such as Boston MultiVision and Boston Envision. Bausch + Lomb also offers Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses. Both of these RGP contacts are best suited for wearers with astigmatism.

RGP contacts typically cost about $100 per lens, but each one can last for at least a year before they need to be replaced. As such, a yearly supply will cost you at least $200. That said, some contact lens retailers, such as, offer RGP lenses at much lower prices.

Take note that RGP lenses specifically designed to address astigmatism may cost more. Your ECP may also charge more to fit you with RGP contacts than soft lenses. The fee is higher because an RGP lens fitting often requires more work and follow-up appointments. has been proudly offering high-quality contact lenses at discount prices since 1995. Choose from a variety of our RGP contact lenses and enjoy hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

RGP is short for 'rigid gas permeable'. RGP lenses are available as an alternative to soft lenses. These hard lenses are made from a firm, oxygen-permeable material and offer numerous advantages over regular soft contact lenses.

Yes, today's hard contact lenses are RGP lenses. They are not the same as the original hard contact lenses made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from the 1970s, which are no longer in use. RGP lenses are incorporated with silicone to allow oxygen permeability that floats on a layer of tears and typically covers about 75% of the cornea. RGP contacts have been known to help slow down the development of nearsightedness in young adults and adult contact lens wearers.

When it comes to choosing the right type of contact lenses for you, comfort and convenience are the key variables to bear in mind. Gas permeable lenses tend to be best suited to individuals who are willing to go through a period of adaptation to achieve the sharpest vision and comfort possible.

Always talk to your optician before deciding on contact lenses, as they will be able to offer advice depending on your eye health and lifestyle requirements. At Eyesite, we offer a specialist contact lens experience, which allows our patients to find out more about contact lenses and try different types.

If you wear rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, you'll need a gas permeable solution to keep them comfortable, safe to use and working at their best. Our wide variety of gas permeable contact lens solutions are ideal for both cleaning and caring for your lenses.

Gas permeable contact lens solutions are designed to clean, disinfect and care for RGP lenses. As this kind of lens is only designed for weekly or monthly wear, it's important to care for your lenses so they're clean, fresh and ready to be worn the next day.

Each evening, you should use gas permeable solutions to clean your lenses, removing the dirt, debris and any protein deposits that build up throughout the day. Once you've finished, give them one last rinse before popping them into your contact lens case filled with fresh solution. This will guarantee that they stay sterile overnight, meaning you can enjoy clear and comfortable eyesight the next day.

Gas permeable solutions are the only kind that are suitable for disinfecting and cleaning your RGP lenses. In particular, multi-purpose gas permeable solutions make maintaining your lenses quick and simple; it only takes a wipe clean, a rinse and they're ready to store. You don't need to worry about finding the right solution for each stage of the process, just use one bottle of all-in-one gas permeable contact solution for everything.

Going through this care routine once a day is generally enough but, if you suffer from dry eyes, you might find that your eyes can start to get slightly irritated as the day goes on. If this happens, just take them out for a bit, give your eyes a short rest and re-wet your lenses using gas permeable contact lenses solution to enjoy a more comfortable feeling.

Sauflon Delta Multipack cleans and disinfects rigid gas permeable lenses thoroughly for a healthy and comfortable feeling when you next wear your lenses. The two-part lens care product will provide added moisture to your lenses for long lasting comfort, including a Daily Cleaner and DSW solution for storing your lenses overnight, keeping your lenses feeling like they're brand new.

Boston Simplus solution takes the hard work out of your lens care routine, offering an all-in-one solution that cleans, disinfects, and stores your contacts. This multi-purpose solution is suitable for removing dirt from RGP lenses as well as adding a cushioning layer to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible. This convenient solution cares for your lenses overnight, keeping them in the right shape and feeling comfortable for the entire next day.

If you need any advice about how to buy your contact lenses online, we're here to assist you via web chat, phone or email. Got a question about ordering from Vision Direct? Check out our handy how to guides. 041b061a72


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