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Joe DeFranco And Jim Smith AMPED Warm Up DVD

Joe DeFranco Joe DeFranco is the owner of DeFrancos Gym inWyckoff, NJ. For the past 13 years, athletes from around the worldhave hired Joe because of his remarkable ability to improvestrength, speed, flexibility and endurance. Joes trainingtechniques have been featured on Spike TV, NFL Network, Mens HealthMagazine, Mens Fitness Magazine, and in the documentary, STRONG.His resume also includes All-Pro NFL players, MLB players, NHLHockey Players and UFC fighters. Now, Joes techniques on warmingup, stretching and injury prevention are available to YOU in AMPED!

Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith AMPED warm up DVD

1. Warm-upNo matter how cramped for time you are, you have to get a good warm-up. This is something I got away from for a while and injuries were hanging around too much for my liking. I feel better and can work out harder with a solid warm-up.


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