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Robo Sex Game Walkthru

Hardcoded is a point and click erotic dating simulator visual novel game developed and published by Ghosthug Games for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game follows a droid named HC who runs away from her owners and joins the local trans community.

Robo Sex Game Walkthru

Lead developer Kenzie Wintermelon was initially motivated to create Hardcoded to target the cisgender futanari fetish community, and to show them that becoming trans was an option for them. She and her codeveloper Trix Royal wanted to create a game that showed positive aspects of the transgender community. Development on Hardcoded is ongoing and supported by Patreon donations.

In Hardcoded, the player controls a droid, who goes by "Hard Coded" or HC for short, because her factory-made male deadname is "hardcoded" into her and she is not able to change it.[2] HC ran away from her owners and joins the local trans community in Pira City at the beginning of the game.[3] GelCorp, a massive corporation, is infecting everyone with pollution that makes everyone horny, and HC and her friends resolve to solve the mystery.[3]

The game uses point and click adventure controls, where the player clicks on objects and characters in the game to interact with them. HC is able to build relationships with characters in the game, and it follows dating simulator progression paths.[3] The game includes numerous explicit sexual encounters with other characters throughout its progression. The player may earn coupons, a form of currency, through various tasks.[3][5] Coupons may be used to buy clothing and furniture.[3][5]

Hardcoded currently has seven characters which whom the player may have an intimate relationship with: Beryl, Magdalina, Cadence, Decima, Heather, Joi, and Olivia. HC first meets Beryl when she helps HC escape from the police. Beryl is a shy volunteer librarian, and she has a strong maternal instinct.[2] Magdalina is Beryl's girlfriend, and is initially suspicious of HC. Cadence is a goth witch who is close to Decima, and Decima is a droid mechanic with a robotic prosthetic right arm. Heather is HC's next door neighbor, and is an avid cosplayer and anime fan. Joi is a sex droid like HC, but is capable of limited emotion and thought due to programming limitations. Olivia is a hacker.

Hardcoded was conceived by American designer Kenzie Wintermelon, who has co-developed it with Trix Royale. [7][5][2] Wintermelon and Royale initially wanted to develop a video game since when they met in high school.[8] They began development for the game in 2017.[8][1] Wintermelon conceived of the game as a way to make money from cisgender people with a futanari or trans fetish, and hoped that it would make being a girl seem like a "real possibility" to them.[5][6] The game intentionally avoids fetishizing the trans community with slurs, transphobia and other derogatory language and treatment, and Wintermelon wrote Hardcoded to reflect the trans community positively.[6] Wintermelon was cautious of using the acceptance of a trans girl by her community as an emotional payoff, and had the main character be a droid to create an emotional buffer that would feel somewhat similar to the alienation that trans people felt while keeping the overall atmosphere more positive.[6] Wintermelon was initially cautious about what content she added to the game, but has expanded to adding a wider range with support from backers.[8] Her motivations for creating the game has changed with its success, as she passed making over $6,000 per month from the Patreon which supports Hardcoded's development.[1][8]

Hardcoded was created using the Godot game engine.[5] The pixel art of the game is created by Wintermelon. She draws artwork by hand and converts it into pixel form.[6] The cyberpunk setting was inspired by Shadowrun, and Wintermelon decided on a cyberpunk theme for the game because "it felt right for some reason."[6] The developers try to split up work between them evenly. Royale works on background animations and character stories, while Wintermelon focuses on the lewd scenes, animation, and programming.[8] Wintermelon talked about her experience developing the game at a PAX East 2020 panel.[9]

Hardcoded has been generally well received, with reviewers from the trans community especially praising the game's inclusive writing.[2][3][1] Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Astrid Johnson found the game to be "liberating in its portrayal of trans sexuality" and praised its writing.[3] Wired's Mark Hill noted that some of the game's scenes veered into "over-the-top sci-fi territory", but said that the game worked overall because "it's sincere."[10] PC Gamer's Jody Macgregor put Hardcoded on a list of best sex games, noting that it has terrific writing.[4] Daily Dot's Ana Valens praised Hardcoded for embracing sapphic desire between trans women without shame."[8] Kotaku's Kate Gray echoed this sentiment, feeling that Hardcoded was a sex-positive experience for the trans community.[2]

In addition to persistent characters, there are a number of generic encounter-able characters. For most of these, it is heavily implied that the player does not repeatedly encounter the same generic character over and over, and thus, the game does not store a full stat block for these characters without due cause.

The game features a number of different location styles, each of which generally aims towards an overriding theme or approach to the content made available at that location. See Category:Locations for more detailed breakdowns of locations.

The quest begins by speaking to James Garret, one of the Garret Twins, who are the owners of the Atomic Wrangler Casino in Freeside. Ask James if he has any work, and he will propose the Courier to find him suitable "escorts" for clientele with very specific interests. He has three unique requests: A ghoul dressed up in a cowboy suit, a smooth talker and a robot. James will agree to pay double if the Courier can pass a Speech check (40).

The robot, Fisto, is found at Cerulean Robotics (see that page for directions). There are a few giant rats inside and the large assembly room contains a robot in stasis. The terminal is an Average hack (50 Science). There is a keycard to unlock the terminal, located behind an Average lock on the far right cabinet in the assembly room. The key to this cabinet is on the floor in front of the television under the decayed corpse. Once access has been gained to the terminal, one must upload a programming routine via holotape or program it themselves (60 Science).

To get a holotape program to upload to the robot, the Courier must visit Ralph at Mick & Ralph's. He will mention the robot at Cerulean, and then agree to write the program for 150 caps, advising the player character that it will take a couple days. If one has 50 Speech, he will make it for free, or with 35 Speech or 35 Barter, it will only cost 100 caps. It will take about 24 in-game hours to be ready. Take the program back to Cerulean and upload it to the robot.

After the robot has been programmed, the Courier will have a chance to "test it out." The screen goes dark and a drilling sound can be heard. Once the "testing" has ended, the Courier experiences numbness, which "is normal." Whether one decides to test the bot or not, the sexbot is informed that its owner is James Garret and it heads to the Atomic Wrangler.

Oddly, though, even though Moxi was designed to be unobtrusive, and do background work, patients and hospital staff seem to enjoying seeing the little robot. Accordingly, its makers have re-programmed it to spend about 5 minutes an hour waving and interacting with people.

And the fields where AI and robots act as human assistants will continue to expand as they become more capable, and as humans become more used to having their help, and think up new ways they can be helpful.

Extending this idea further, imagine shoes that adjust to your gait and walking speed, plus the terrain, to minimize the stress on your feet, or an exoskeleton (which is a wearable robot) that helps you walk, move, and lift things as you get older, or if you are in a physically demanding job. Or consider a winter coat that warms and cools, according to how different parts of your body feel, in order to avoid cold spots.

There is no question that there will be lots of sex robots, and that they will sell well. But how about sex robots that have the ability to talk to you in bed after sex? This is a logical extension of a number of trends.

And the next step after that is to have sex robots with which humans can have sex, and that can also hold a conversation before, during, or afterwards. (I doubt if such robots are likely to smoke after sex, though.)

t youwill play through the game several times to uncover thevarious endings and there is a'Memory' section accessable from thetitle screen that allows you to review thevariouspossible endings.The main text in the walkthrouhg will lead you to the ultimatesucessfulending. But when your are ready to uncover thealternatives this guide can helpwiththat too. Take a look at theEndings section(ROB08) of this guide, don't worryit doesn'tgive theendings away, and notice that each ending has a Tag associated withit. As you

play the game and follow the walkthrough you will see that each'Day/Period Header' in thewalkthrough text shows when Actions foran alternative ending are contained within thatDay/Period section.When this occurs you should ingnore the main text and followtheactions indicated with the Tag appropriate to the ending you aretrying to acheive. Ifthere are no Alternative Action Tags youshould follow the main text as usual.

(ROB03)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Itis possible to save your progress through Robozou from within thegame. As withmost Flash applications the game data is saved in a.sol file. In the case of Robozouthis file is called Robo.sol. Thelocation of the file will differ dependant onyouroperating systemand the location of Robozou.swf a list of OS and locations is b 350c69d7ab


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