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The Songs Of Distant Earth Epub ##TOP##

In the morning the earth itself shook, the landscape convulsed, the red rock of the far-off range coughing a fit of dust, the underbrush puffing, birds startled into low panicked flight, cloud and sun recoiling. They walked toward the heart of the convulsion. They could feel the face beneath the plume of dust. They could feel their own faces drawn toward the distant ridge now fractured and bloodied and rusted with sheared rock. They walked, days away still, the child with them, the thick skin of the ground beneath them uneasy and rumbling.

The Songs Of Distant Earth Epub

The fact remains however that the "ends of the earth" to which the Gospel must be brought are growing ever more distant. Tertullian's saying, that the Gospel has been proclaimed to all the earth and to all peoples,67 is still very far from being a reality. The mission ad gentes is still in its infancy. New peoples appear on the world scene, and they too have a right to receive the proclamation of salvation. Population growth in non-Christian countries of the South and the East is constantly increasing the number of people who remain unaware of Christ's redemption.


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