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Microsoft Outlook Search Repair Mac

Mac finds my mails in spotlight search but not in outlook app. I am also using macOs Ventura 13.0 and outlook 16.66. I started having this problem 3 weeks ago when I switched from another macbook device (Catalina) to the new one.

Microsoft Outlook Search Repair Mac

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Thank you for the info. I tried a few methods, only removing Outlook.sqllite file works for me. But when I restart my laptop then the outlook search is not working again and I have to repeat the step to remove Outlook.sqllite file. Is this normal? Mean each time when I launch outlook I need to remove Outlook.sqllite file first.

Right now I am using Mac Mail in parallel to be able to search all my mails from exchange and use outlook mainly for calendars. It's a ****** setup, but at least it works for now. Hoping for software updates soon.

The user of a Mac is always confused about whether the device itself or the application is causing the problem. To put this confusion behind for outlook search not working mac m1, we first recommend checking the Outlook Server Status. If there is no green tick on the status, wait until the issue gets fixed on its own.

In case there is no such profile, search for the name of the Outlook profile on your device and simply copy paste it into the folder named Outlook 15 Profiles. Now and forever, after every step check if outlook search not working on Mac Ventura is ruled out or not.

Looking at all the possibilities, there are chances where the login ID you have used in Outlook might be the reason for outlook search not working on Mac Ventura. If this is the case, you must remove and re-add your account in Outlook. If you are not familiar with any steps, continue reading the article.

As of now and forever, some users of Outlook complain that mac outlook search is not working after update, no need to worry as there might be chances your app might have difficulty in sorting out the data inside the email. In this case, simply move messages from one folder to another to make the indexing work in advance and better.

Hope so, the article might have helped you to get through mac outlook search not working after using migration assistant. If not, we have mentioned the best alternative of the outlook, you can go for it!

These steps are used to identify the profile corruption if any. If the outlook works fine after these steps your original profile was corrupted and needs to be repaired. Here are the steps to repair the profile: 350c69d7ab


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