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Platner Gold Coll By

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Platner Gold Coll By

In 1966 Warren Platner captured the "decorative, gentle and graceful" shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary in his collection for Knoll. 50 years later Knoll is celebrating by offering the Platner collection in an 18 karat gold finish. This coffee table brings mid century modern elegance and a bit of shine to any living room.

Features In the 1960s, Warren Platner transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection, creating what is now considered a design icon of the modern era. Now this design classic is available in a stunning 18k gold plated version.

In 1966 the Platner Collection captured the "decorative, gentle, graceful" shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary. The pieces are created by welding hundreds of curved, nickel-plated steel rods to circular frames, simultaneously serving as structure and ornament. 50 years later we are celebrating by offering the collection in 18 karat gold. This stunning dining table is the only centerpiece you'll need for an elegant mid-century modern dining room.

Warren Platner designed the Platner Collection in 1966, and his intention was for it to be gold-plated. The technology of the time made gold plating in large-scale production impossible, however, which resulted in the collection being made in nickel-plated steel. 50 years later, the Platner Collection Gold fulfils Platner's original wish. 59ce067264


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