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Nelson United Church 
Temporary Part-time Contract Position


Position Details:

  • This is a one-year contract employee position, beginning January 3, 2023, and ending on or about December 31, 2023. The contract may be renewed for an additional year depending on factors such as funding, continued need, etc.

  • Hours of work are 30 per week, to be worked flexibly to best meet the needs of the role, the church schedule, and the community.

  • The salary is $25–$30 per hour, commensurate with experience, plus extended health benefits after three months of employment.

  • 3-month probation period

Position Summary: 

Part of the Ministerial Team under the oversight of the paid-accountable minister and accountable to the Ministry & Personnel Committee, the Board of Directors,  responsible for engaging and communicating with the broader community to increase Nelson United Church’s local visibility and presence, developing NUC’s online presence and expanding in-house programming, and exploring and implementing new ways of being in ministry.

Key Role and Responsibilities: 
Working within the United Church parameters and finding support and assistance from:

  • a vital ministry team of representatives of the Board, the Minister, the Youth and Family Minister, and the Music Minister;

  • an Administration Team that coordinates the implementation of ministry programs and building usage;

  • a digital ministry team that has begun to coordinate an online presence and what it means to be “the church online”; and a Nelson and area Interfaith Group through which to build relationships and partnerships.


The Community Engagement & Communications Coordinator will:

1. assist in the development of an online program of engagement that embraces what it means to be an online church community, one that presents a progressive Christian perspective.

          2. liaise with local agencies to enhance community partnerships.

          3. identify and recommend new programs in consultation with the Ministry team, including helping to

           enhance our Spirit Explorers Youth program and assisting in developing program delivery methods.

         4. research and recommend other ways of providing worship experiences such as Wild Church, Messy                              Church, and other all-ages opportunities to explore spiritual practices and create communities of hope.

         5. research new ways of being in ministry, new forms of community, and methods for integrating those

            examples into current congregational practices, i.e., the New Monastic Movement, Circles of Trust, the

            intersection of contemplative practices and justice, and the intersection of hope and racial equality.

6. increase NUC’s local visibility, presence, and engagement by:

     a. participating intentionally in community initiatives with local agencies committed to enhancing

         community well-being, reducing poverty, and increasing food security,

     b. participating in the “safe spaces” program in Nelson concerning the 2SLGBTQIA+ community’s safety

         from racial persecution and the need for sanctuary,

     c. working with local First Nations and Métis in reconciliation and solidarity work.

7. develop a monthly/annual work plan along with a qualitative and quantitative evaluation framework, inclusive of intended position outcomes, goals set, timelines, engagement and communication strategies used, actual outcomes and recommendations, etc.

8. provide written quarterly progress reports and a longer evaluative essay at the end of one year.



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in a related field such as philosophy/theology, communications, marketing/ promotions, human services

  • Minimum of two years' experience with community engagement practices (incl. online)

  • Minimum of two years' experience using a variety of communication strategies (incl. online)



  • Able to work within the policies of Nelson United Church and The United Church of Canada

  • Proficient in Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint and familiarity with live streaming technology

  • Proven ability to communicate effectively, verbally, in writing,

  • Ability to connect and interact with community members and the NUC congregation in a professional, authentic manner

  • Ability to research concepts, plan, design, implement, and evaluate programs

  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment

  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

  • Satisfactory Police Record Check


  • Awareness and understanding of, and sensitivity to, progressive Christian values and practices

  • Relational approach i.e., being authentic, being curious about others, being a good listener, being engaging, valuing differences/struggles, fostering trust, building meaningful relationships, etc.

  • Commitment to self-awareness and self-development

  • Awareness of and sensitivity to contemporary Indigenous issues

  • Creative and innovative

  • Open, flexible and adaptable


Applications in the form of a resumé and cover letter detailing qualifications and experience relative to the position will be accepted until Friday, December 23, 2022.

email to:
Jody Dudley

Ministry and Personnel Committee

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