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Letter Writing for Truth and Reconciliation

How Can I Help??

Hello again church friends. Many are looking something to do to help our Indigenous Friends. When I was younger, when I didn’t have much, I asked the same question. I started writing letters for Amnesty, handwritten. I found out how powerful these can be when they arrive at the desks of government officials, even something simple and short. Many wrongfully convicted were freed!!

The Yasodhara Ashram has kindly lent me samples of the letters they’re writing to government officials. Did you know you don’t have to pay postage to federal government officials? I have left the paper copies at the office with Debbie for those (like me) who need to read on paper. Also attached are the digital letters for you to read and/or print out. Remember, every little letter (from a voter!) has a huge impact. You can just write your own truth from your heart. Please let me know if you get a reply (please put your return address).

Here are the addresses:


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A2


The Honourable Ross Morrison, M.P., House of Commons, Ottawa, ON,  K1A 0A6 or 800C Baker St., Cranbrook, BC  V1C 1A2


The Honourable John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia, PO Box 9041 STN PROV GOVT, Victoria, BC,  V8W 9E1


Ms. Brittny Anderson, Member of Legislative Assembly, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC,  V8V 1X4 or 433 Josephine Street, Nelson, BC  V1L 1W4

Letter Example 1
Letter example 2
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